• Precious in the Sight of God

    25 August, 2019

    Ken identifies spiritual marks of the church that are precious in the sight of God, including compassion, meekness of spirit, a sure confession according to the word of God, the death of His saints, and the unity of the Body of Christ.

  • Tame the Tongue

    18 August, 2019

    Moving through James' teaching on the tongue, Ross identifies how destructive an impure heart can be as it is expressed through the spoken word.

  • Pure Religion

    11 August, 2019

    We take a look at something of the meaning of James' identification of true religion, and discover that the compassion of God is central to the true expression of our faith as believers in Jesus.

  • An Israelite Without Guile

    04 August, 2019

    Looking at Nathanael, and the extraordinary depth of his confession of the identity of Jesus, on the barest evidence, we look a little below the surface at the spiritual significance of a guileless heart, and a simple childlike faith.

  • Whole-Hearted Allegiance

    28 July, 2019

    Through the lives of Joshua and Caleb in particular, Bob unfolds to us the nature of whole-hearted allegiance to the Lord. The cost in terms of submission and discipline, and the privileges in terms of victory and rest are identified in ancient…

  • Hungering After the Lord

    14 July, 2019

    Ken encourages us to examine our spiritual stature with a view to determine the hunger or otherwise of our attitude toward the Lord Jesus.

  • How God Stirs Our Faith

    07 July, 2019

    Ken observes how the promises of God, while freely available to the believer, must be inherited through faith, patience and obedience. Disappointment, discouragement and disillusionment can all be thwarted through hope, and in the lives of Isaac…

  • The Warning Passages

    30 June, 2019

    Phil considers the warning passages in the book of Hebrews and especially how our present walk with the Lord is the vital consideration, not some ultimate destiny.

  • Testing Not Trials

    23 June, 2019

    Ross takes a closer look at the trials that James speaks of with the view that they are intended to result in spiritual increase for those who experience them.

  • I Want To Thrive, Not Just Survive

    23 June, 2019

    Ross asks “What now?” following on from our having entered into the Holy Place through faith in the Lord Jesus as our High Priest.

  • Forgiveness

    16 June, 2019

    Stephen explores how crucial forgiveness is to a clear understanding of the Lord and His ways, and the unity of the Body of Christ.

  • The Great Cloud of Witnesses

    09 June, 2019

    Ross takes a tour of Hebrews 11 in the process of encouraging us in our faith.

  • Union With God in the Golden Altar

    02 June, 2019

    Phil looks at the intimate connection between the golden altar and the ark of the covenant immediately on the other side of the veil, and the significance of prayer in our relationship with God.

  • Deliverance From Sin Part 2

    19 May, 2019

    Phil considers how deliverance from sin is part and parcel with regeneration by the Holy Spirit, and consists in particular in the possession of a new life, a life from heaven.

  • Christ's High Priesthood

    12 May, 2019

    Ross explores the way Jesus fulfils the Levitical priesthood by bringing us into the presence of the living God once and for all through His victory over sin and death.

  • A Gentle Reminder

    10 May, 2019

    Focussing on Psalm 133, and Jesus’ prayer for those who are His in John 17, Ken encourages us to be diligent in keeping the unity of the Spirit in our lives in the Body of Christ, that His glory and His love might be manifested in His church.

  • Deliverance from Sin Part 1

    05 May, 2019

    In this talk we see Jesus perfected as Saviour, and as such bringing His own to perfection through regeneration, where that perfection flows on from being baptized into the life of God in the Holy Spirit.

  • Entering His Rest

    28 April, 2019

    Beginning with the Hebrews’ failure to enter God’s rest through the disobedience of unbelief, Ross leads on to the Lord’s rest of faith, and our mutual encouragement of one another that is all part of our entering into that rest.

  • Jesus the Son Begotten of God

    21 April, 2019

    “You are my Son, this day have I begotten You”; we look at the significance of this designation of Jesus, in connection with His resurrection, His sonship, and His perfection as our Saviour, as God speaks to us in this church age Son-wise.

  • The Supremacy of Christ

    14 April, 2019

    Considering a primary theme in the Book of Hebrews, Ross gives us a view of the supremacy of Christ, His holiness, His unique love, His creative power, His atoning sufficiency in the sight of God.

  • God Speaks, God Does

    07 April, 2019

    In consideration of the significance of a letter written specifically to Jewish believers, we look at the relevance of that to ourselves as Gentile believers, identifying a key element applicable to both.

  • A Boy, Five Loaves and Two Fishes

    31 March, 2019

    Looking at the possible options the young boy with the loaves and fishes had, Bob explores possible impediments to our own surrender of our all to the Lord.

  • Staying in God

    24 March, 2019

    Ross encourages us in the midst of an increasingly secular world to a life of faith, hope and love, depending upon the faithfulness of our God to keep us true to Him.

  • The Compassion of God

    17 March, 2019

    Ross explores the tremendous compassion of our Holy and Righteous God, especially as expressed through Jesus, and as also given freely to us in the Holy Spirit.

  • Deborah's Eternal Perspective

    03 March, 2019

    Ross considers life in the Lord with respect to the eternal perspective where our imperishable spirits shall be clothed by imperishable bodies. The prophetess Deborah illustrates for us this perspective.

  • Nicodemus The Pharisee

    24 February, 2019

    We look at the development of a faith in Nicodemus that begins with a surreptitious nocturnal visit to Jesus, and finishes up despising the shame of the cross in the preparation and burial of His body.

  • The Way of Jesus

    17 February, 2019

    In a look at Jesus' visit to a Feast of Tabernacles at Jerusalem, Stephen identifies the way of Jesus concerning its hiddenness, its dependence upon the revelation of the Holy Spirit, its completely selfless agenda, and its being all toward the glory…

  • Women in the Bible

    10 February, 2019

    Ross looks briefly at a number of women in the scriptures, especially some little mentioned ones, and identifies their significance.

  • Thomas the Believer

    03 February, 2019

    In this message we look at the disciples confronted with a visit to Judea shortly before Jesus’ crucifixion when the whole religio-political establishment was intent upon Jesus’ destruction. Thomas demonstrates the beginnings of a faith that is in…

  • Barnabas the Encourager

    27 January, 2019

    Ross takes a look at the character and deeds of Barnabas in the Book of Acts by way of unfolding the nature of encouragement in the christian life.