• Tame the Tongue

    18 August, 2019

    Moving through James' teaching on the tongue, Ross identifies how destructive an impure heart can be as it is expressed through the spoken word.

  • Pure Religion

    11 August, 2019

    We take a look at something of the meaning of James' identification of true religion, and discover that the compassion of God is central to the true expression of our faith as believers in Jesus.

  • An Israelite Without Guile

    04 August, 2019

    Looking at Nathanael, and the extraordinary depth of his confession of the identity of Jesus, on the barest evidence, we look a little below the surface at the spiritual significance of a guileless heart, and a simple childlike faith.

  • Whole-Hearted Allegiance

    28 July, 2019

    Through the lives of Joshua and Caleb in particular, Bob unfolds to us the nature of whole-hearted allegiance to the Lord. The cost in terms of submission and discipline, and the privileges in terms of victory and rest are identified in ancient…

  • Hungering After the Lord

    14 July, 2019

    Ken encourages us to examine our spiritual stature with a view to determine the hunger or otherwise of our attitude toward the Lord Jesus.

  • How God Stirs Our Faith

    07 July, 2019

    Ken observes how the promises of God, while freely available to the believer, must be inherited through faith, patience and obedience. Disappointment, discouragement and disillusionment can all be thwarted through hope, and in the lives of Isaac…

  • The Warning Passages

    30 June, 2019

    Phil considers the warning passages in the book of Hebrews and especially how our present walk with the Lord is the vital consideration, not some ultimate destiny.