• The Heavenly Vision

    23 February, 2020

    We look at Paul's "heavenly vision" in his defence before king Agrippa, by way of uncovering the meaning of "vision" in both the lives of individual believers, and how that works out in the local assembly.

  • My Father Works Until Now

    16 February, 2020

    John's account of Jesus walking on the water is brief in the extreme. When we look into it though, in the wider context of Jesus' whole manner of living, we find inspiring implications for our own knowledge of the Lord and our life in Him.

  • Knowing it was the Lord...

    02 February, 2020

    In this final sign in John's gospel we see the Lord in His third post-resurrection appearance to the disciples, moving them from the apprehension of Himself according to the outward apprearance, to that of inward spiritual illumination in…

  • Resurrection Life

    19 January, 2020

    Having complete mastery of death, Jesus was delivered to death, by way of bringing life to us. Now, in Him, we who live are likewise delivered to death - devotion to the will of God - that Jesus' life might be manifest in us as we overcome in His…

  • Blessed to be a Blessing

    12 January, 2020

    Looking briefly at Jonah's ministry in the light of the truth that we are called of God and equipped to be a blessing, Rob encourages us to seek real connection with those we are sent to share the gospel with.

  • Grieving Over Sin

    05 January, 2020

    We are encouraged to know the Lord's grief over sin, being aware of His love and mercy in that light, that we might grieve in a godly manner over both sin in ourselves, as well as in the world around us, and be moved to the appropriate godly response…

  • The Light of Life

    29 December, 2019

    We look at the man born blind, and given sight by Jesus, confronting the leadership of Israel in testimony to Jesus, and thereby typifying believers in this dispensation confronting the world in testimonty to Jesus. He is the Light of the world, and…