• God's Abiding Grace

    13 October, 2019

    With reference to some incidents in His missionary service, Bob highlights the sovereign grace of God working in his life to preserve Him in the midst of sometimes life-threatening danger.

  • People of Christ's Light

    06 October, 2019

    Encouraging believers to "walk as children of light" Ross identifies Christ as the Source of that light. By Him we see the light, we expose darkness, and we become light through the work of His Cross. As we are delivered from self-centredness, we…

  • This Beginning of Signs

    29 September, 2019

    The sign at the marriage at Cana was recorded by John that those who read might find life in God. We see the union of the Bridegroom (Christ) and His Bride (the Church), through the Cross, anticipated in this sign.

  • Who Are You?

    22 September, 2019

    With brief reference to the service of Nehemiah, Ken exhorts us in consideration of our pursuit of the Lord's eternal purpose in our lives. Seeking the Lord's wisdom and insight we are encouraged to exercise diligence in our devotion to our Lord as…

  • Effectual Prayer

    15 September, 2019

    With reference to a selection of passages in the letter of James, Ross considers the matter of prayer. Aspects such as faith, humility, sincerity, integrity of attitude and the sovereignty of God are all touched upon.

  • The Diamond Heart of the Servant of God

    08 September, 2019

    Stephen examines the heart of the servant of God, by first observing that Jesus, the true and eternal Servant of God takes those who are anything but servants, and gives us a heart like His own. Both Joseph and Jeremiah are cited as demonstrating…

  • Only Believe - The Nobleman Father

    01 September, 2019

    In a brief consideration of the healing of the Nobleman's son in John 4, we are encouraged to look at the nature of our believing: do we seek a "sign", that is, something more than simply the truth of Jesus Himself, something outward, to buttress our…