• A Nation not Prepared, A Messiah not Anticipated

    08 December, 2019

    Briefly sketching from the time of Malachi, Ross observes how unprepared the nation of Israel was for their Messiah, and how mistaken they were in their understanding of the purpose of God in Messiah's coming.

  • Forgiveness

    01 December, 2019

    Emphasizing the truth that the Lord is invariably intent upon restoration where there is fracture and disjointedness in the Body of Christ, Ross addresses the significance of forgiveness in that context.

  • Parable of the Wheat and the Tares

    24 November, 2019

    Using the parable before us, Ross highlights the importance of fruit, both as an element of a christian's life, and as a discriminator between those who follow, and those who don't follow Christ.

  • Feeding Upon the Lamb

    17 November, 2019

    Jesus fed 5000 in the wilderness as a prelude to presenting Himself as the true bread of God come down from heaven to give life to the world. We live as we feed upon Him day by day.

  • The High Call of God

    10 November, 2019

    Following Paul's repudiation, in Philippians chapter three, of every possible confidence he may have had in his own pedigree, gifts and energies in the service of God, Ken exhorts us to a whole-hearted pursuit of the Lord Jesus and His righteousness…

  • Dying to Self

    03 November, 2019

    Following Jesus' reference to the seed being fruitful through death in John 12, Ross presents our own deliverance from self and death through our identification with Christ and His Cross.

  • The Pool of Bethesda

    27 October, 2019

    We see in the deliverance of the impotent man at the pool of Bethesda, and the occasion of Paul's "thorn in the flesh", the Lord's intention that we always obtain deliverance in trouble, where that deliverance is essentially a greater revelation of…