• Blessed to be a Blessing

    12 January, 2020

    Looking briefly at Jonah's ministry in the light of the truth that we are called of God and equipped to be a blessing, Rob encourages us to seek real connection with those we are sent to share the gospel with.

  • Grieving Over Sin

    05 January, 2020

    We are encouraged to know the Lord's grief over sin, being aware of His love and mercy in that light, that we might grieve in a godly manner over both sin in ourselves, as well as in the world around us, and be moved to the appropriate godly response…

  • The Light of Life

    29 December, 2019

    We look at the man born blind, and given sight by Jesus, confronting the leadership of Israel in testimony to Jesus, and thereby typifying believers in this dispensation confronting the world in testimonty to Jesus. He is the Light of the world, and…

  • It's Coming, It's Coming, It's Coming, It's Here

    22 December, 2019

    With a brief review of the promises of Christ's first coming, and the faithfulness of God to His word, we are encouraged to live day by day now ready for, and in expectancy of His second coming.

  • John The Baptist

    15 December, 2019

    Reading through Luke chapter one, Ross observes the annunciation, the birth and ministry of John the Baptist, touching the matters of faith and unbelief, fulfillment of prophecy, angelic visitation, and the sovereign power of God.

  • A Nation not Prepared, A Messiah not Anticipated

    08 December, 2019

    Briefly sketching from the time of Malachi, Ross observes how unprepared the nation of Israel was for their Messiah, and how mistaken they were in their understanding of the purpose of God in Messiah's coming.

  • Forgiveness

    01 December, 2019

    Emphasizing the truth that the Lord is invariably intent upon restoration where there is fracture and disjointedness in the Body of Christ, Ross addresses the significance of forgiveness in that context.