What we believe


We believe that Jesus is the risen Son of God and the Saviour of humanity.

We believe that Jesus died on a cross as a sacrifice for the world's sin, and that he rose again, to eternal life and now sits at the right hand of God.

We encourage people to discover who Jesus is, through reading the Bible, and to pray and earnestly seek him.

We encourage people to respond to Jesus by making an intelligent and meaningful commitment to him, and to observe his teaching.

The Bible

We affirm the Scriptures in the Bible as the word of God, and our authority for Christian belief and practice.

The Bible declares that all who accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord are Christians, and so we cooperate with other Christians in worship, witness and service. We promote the unity of all God's people, and we are committed to the ultimate goal of unity among all Christians.


We encourage people to follow their commitment to Jesus by expressing their faith through baptism.

Baptism is a symbol which marks a turning point in someone's life. When we are baptised, we leave our former life behind, and with God's help, make a new beginning.


We recognise that worship is an important part of life.

Our aim is to provide an environment of worship which is positive, refreshing and renewing.

All are welcome to share in our Worship services.

  • Worship is informal and friendly.
  • Services are easy to follow with engaging and interesting preaching from the Bible.
  • We regularly celebrate Communion. By sharing together in the Lords' Supper, we not only remember how important Jesus is to our faith, but also draw close to him for renewal. Communion is a meditative and prayerful part of our worship.